Knapp David Chartrey LLC Attorneys At Law

Construction Law

The attorneys at Knapp Davis Chartrey, LLC have provided legal assistance to almost every type of client in the construction arena. We have represented general contractors, subcontractors, material providers, homeowners, and commercial property owners. We are familiar with the construction industry and its applicable standards.

Construction Contracts. Our firm has drafted construction contracts for both general contractors and subcontractors. We review construction contracts for property owners and provide assistance including negotiating appropriate terms to include or exclude from contracts presented to our clients. Our experience allows us to quickly identify contract provisions that should be deleted or added to protect the interests of our clients.

Construction Disputes. Our firm has represented hundreds of clients engaged in construction disputes. We efficiently identify the nature of the disputes, reasonable alternatives for resolution, and if necessary, enforce appropriate provisions, laws, and contract obligations to achieve an acceptable resolution for our clients.

Construction Contractors Board Representation. Our firm has represented owners, contractors, subcontractors, and material providers in CCB disputes. We aggressively protect our clients by resolving claims against contractor bonds. We protect contractors against improper claims asserted by homeowners, material providers, and subcontractors. Our extensive experience in this area allows us to efficiently achieve our clients’ goals.

Liens and Bond Claims. Our firm has filed many construction liens and bond claims and has also defended such claims. In order to effectively assert such claims, the law and requirements must be strictly followed, because any misstep can invalidate the lean or bond claim. Our extensive experience with construction liens and bonds assures our clients that each and every step will be properly taken to protect their interests. When liens and bond claims are improperly asserted, we assist our clients in removing such liens and bond claims and, when appropriate, seeking damages.

Construction Defects. Our firm has extensive experience in assisting clients both in prosecuting and defending claims relating to construction defects. Each client needs to understand the nature of the defect, the responsible parties, the appropriate claims, and the appropriate damages. Our firm has extensive experience in evaluating each of the factors appropriate and necessary to assert and defend such claims.