Each of us make decisions, almost daily, that could have significant legal impact on our futures. If you need legal assistance on any matter, such as reviewing a lease, property purchase, wills, debt, or if you are otherwise involved in a lawsuit or legal dispute, we can help.


Small businesses face a unique challenge in today’s legal environment. Large corporations hire full-time lawyers to make sure that they are complying with all of the laws applicable to their industry. Small businesses cannot afford to do so. In order to deal with this reality, small businesses should work with a law firm that is aware of and sensitive to the legal issues facing small businesses and their owners. Knapp Davis Chartrey, LLC primarily focuses on the legal issues confronted by small businesses. Whether the issues relates to the formation of your business, protecting your personal assets from the liabilities of your company, employment issues, commercial leases, debts, contract disputes, or modifying and reviewing the contracts that you use in your business relationships, we can help.

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