The contract law attorneys at Knapp Davis Chartrey, LLC believe that the best contracts make the happiest contracting parties. Contracts that are clearly drafted eliminate ambiguity. All parties know precisely their rights and obligations, reducing the chances of a dispute causing the parties to spend possibly tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Real Property Sales/Leases. Our firm is experienced in drafting commercial and residential real property leases and sale documents. We take the time to understand and clearly describe the contract’s terms to achieve the expectations of the parties. We guide our clients through the sale or leasing process from beginning to end.

Other Contract Documents. Many of the disputes that result in litigation arise because the agreement either was never properly documented, the potential problems were not clearly identified and resolved upfront, or the terms were never properly understood between the parties. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When drafting contracts, our firm takes the time to confirm the client’s expectations, identify potential problems, and then draft the provisions that clearly describe the parties’ expectations. Whether the contract is a buy/sell agreement between shareholders or owners of a company, an asset sale agreement, a lease, a property sale agreement, an agreement for sale of goods or services, a construction contract, or any other of the thousands of types of agreements that two parties can reach, we assist our clients in properly drafting the documents so that the parties can reach their intended result and reduce the chances of a misunderstanding or dispute resulting in costly litigation.

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